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Tag: conspiracy

Big Mouth Show Is Harmful To Children

Yeah it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’m sorry. I’m still working on my eBook “Illuminati Secrets Revealed Vol. 1 which I expect to finally be ready by the end […]

Trump’s NFL Comments Are A Distraction!

Trump’s NFL Comments Are A Distraction!   How long has Trump been in office? Didn’t Colin Kaepernick do the “protest” last year while Trump was running for President? Then why […]

Barcelona Terror Attack Is Fake News

Barcelona Terror Attack Is Fake News The Antichrist Movement is at it again. This time it’s a so call “terror” attack involving a white van. At the time I made […]

Charlottesville Car Attack Is A Hoax

Charlottesville Car Attack Is A Hoax Images:  (Car Superimposed)  (Staged Scene)   People Don’t be fooled by the video. While it seems graphic, we have to do a double take. […]

Is Tim Tebow A Christian?

Is Tim Tebow A Christian? For years I have had concerns about Tim Tebow. It started with the whole Tim Tebowing craze. Is he praying? If so, who is he […]

R. Kelly Accused of Having a Sex Cult

R Kelly Accused of Having a Sex Cult R Kelly Accusations Singer Robert “R” Kelly is in the news again over sex related issues. He is now accused of housing […]

Has Lil Wayne Been Cloned?

Has Lil Wayne Been Cloned This is a legit question that I’m not sure I can answer, but perhaps people who are fans of Lil Wayne can. Lil Wayne in […]

Macklemore Pushing Gay Agenda

Macklemore Pushing Gay Agenda Macklemore is gay. There’s no doubt about it. He is pushing a gay agenda for the Illuminati. The reason I’m bringing him up is he has […]

Michael Jackson Died in the ’80s?

Michael Jackson Replaced in 1984? I was hoping the headline would grab your attention. Michael Jackson, known as the “King of Pop” had supposedly died in 2009 at the age […]

Dak Prescott Blood Sacrifice

Dak Prescott Blood Sacrifice Dak Prescott QB of the Dallas Cowboys had a tremendous rookie season. He won offensive rookie of the year honors. He led the Cowboys to the […]

Possible Anti-Illuminati Book Covers!

Anti-Illuminati Book Covers! Hello People, Sorry I have been busy trying to build up subscribers to my Youtube channel which is an extension of my blog. I hope to soon […]

London Attacks? Hoax or real?

London Bridge Attack Fake I made 2 videos on 2 of the 3 recent attacks in London. Feel free to share your thoughts or comment. The first video is my […]

Is Dave Chappelle Dead and Cloned?

Introduction Is Dave Chappelle dead? Has he been replaced? I hope to prove it, but if not at least cast a doubt into your minds. The comedian, actor, and star […]