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Tag: anti illuminati

Anti-Illuminati Book Trailer!

Below is a video for my upcoming series of upcoming Anti-Illuminati books starting in 2017! The series will expose many hidden truths: who the real Israelites are, flat earth, who […]

Aaron Hernandez suicide?

Introduction Yeah it is shocking news to hear of former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez being found dead of an apparent suicide. He was a talented player who was convicted […]

Were Muhammed Ali & Kimbo Slice Sacrificed?

(Ali “The Greatest, 1942-2016) I’m posting this purely based on speculation. If you have thoughts, ideas, theories, or whatever, feel free to comment. I was not going to post anything […]

Pedophilia in Hollywood!

Introduction I recently watched a program on Showtime called Dark Net. It covers a wide variety of things on the web. One episode covered Pedophilia. It was disturbing to say […]

Paris Attacks: Illuminati Propaganda!

My hearts, thoughts, and most importantly my prayers¬†should go¬†out to those who lost their lives to the recent attacks in Paris. Assuming these attacks are REAL!!! Or is it a […]

Is Jay-Z Dead? Replaced by Clone?

Disclaimer: I may indeed be wrong about this one, but I wanted to post because something about Jay-Z has been brought to my attention! Introduction The rapper and hip-hop icon, […]

The Illuminati Gay Agenda!

Disclaimer: If you are a “fan” of celebrities, athletes, and other famous people, just leave now because you are not ready to read what’s below. If you can’t “handle the […]

Eminem Dead and Replaced with Double?

Intro Video Here’s a brief intro/summation of what you will read below on Eminem is dead:   R.I.P. to Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem (1972-2005? or 2006?). Before I […]

Was Trayvon Martin a Blood Sacrifice?

This sounds strange, but when you are dealing with devil worshippers, it’s the norm. Child sacrifice and human sacrifice is something that still goes on in the world and even […]