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Category: Blood Sacrifices

People who have been sacrificed to the devil for others. Some of these people are famous and some are not. Satan and his Illuminati require sacrifices for those who sell their souls.

Dak Prescott Blood Sacrifice

Dak Prescott Blood Sacrifice Dak Prescott QB of the Dallas Cowboys had a tremendous rookie season. He won offensive rookie of the year honors. He led the Cowboys to the […]

Chris Berman Blood Sacrifice!

Chris Berman Video Here’s a video I decided to make with my thoughts on the death of Chris Berman’s wife Kathy.  (ESPN’s Chris Berman) The video isn’t long, but I […]

Dwyane Wade Cousin a Blood Sacrifice!

 (Nykea Aldridge) Introduction When I first heard of the news of the death of Nykea Aldridge, NBA star Dwyane’s Wade’s cousin, I was like, blood sacrifice. This whole thing just […]

Were Muhammed Ali & Kimbo Slice Sacrificed?

(Ali “The Greatest, 1942-2016) I’m posting this purely based on speculation. If you have thoughts, ideas, theories, or whatever, feel free to comment. I was not going to post anything […]

Was Trayvon Martin a Blood Sacrifice?

This sounds strange, but when you are dealing with devil worshippers, it’s the norm. Child sacrifice and human sacrifice is something that still goes on in the world and even […]