I’m a believer of Jesus. I write book professing my love for Christ, to help inspire people, and to help people with bible study. This blog is where I discuss spiritual matters and the Antichrist Movement. Some of the things many of you have heard before, but there are certain things rarely heard or mentioned. Here’s a link to my new Anti-Illuminati Youtube channel:

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  1. i read your article on eminem. excellent work. im a hip hop artist myself. and i stopped making music altogether becus of certain things that i saw. i think slim shady got killed becus he hated gays, and thats what hip hop is secretly about , you cant talk bad about the people that write your checks. so he got replaced,an the new eminem doesnt have hateful lyrics like the old one….creepy stuff. we need god more than ever right now.

    God bless

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  2. Good work. With your mention of phaRisees as Edomites I think you should also read king Herods wiki page it says there that he was hated by Judeans for placing Edomites in temple seats I’m guessing that was like congress or senate but probably more religious. Also, Herod himself was Edomite and Jews today still pray to his wall haha I mean could this be more obvious. Anyway thanks and I happen to think Eastern Europe is more Jacob than Esau. I notice myself and my family resemble some black people. Anyway good job and thank you


    • You welcome and thanks for the feedback. I’ll be sure to check out that wiki page. You just might be. You have to dig into your family tree. I used to think the “one-drop of black blood” rule was the Illuminati’s way of identifying blacks. Now I know they do it to help keep tabs on Israelites as well as SSN’s. One again thanks and God bless you.


  3. The whole of america is run by Jews/ illuminati, I think Rihanna is a clone, miley cyrus, Gaga, aaliyah was illuminati sacrifice… Paul McCartney is fake a clone…… The EU is new world order, CIA, NASA, NATO all new world order… The Vatican is the home of Satan! Google search ” the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus” everything you need to know is on that website!


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