Ivanka Trump Is A Man

Ivanka Trump


Ivanka Trump, the “daughter” of Donald Trump has a lot of explaining to his fans. Yes folks, in case you haven’t heard, Ivanka Trump was born a man. She is a he. It seems farfetched right? It’s not. My transvestigation has taken me to new places. Ivanka has all the characteristics of a male. Before I go into that, here’s a reminder of a man and a woman.


I apologize for the nudity, but I wanted to show a physical difference between a man and a woman. Now let’s examine Ivanka.

Ivanka Is A Man



Ivanka Trump has all the male traits: deep set eyes, prominent brow ridge, squared jawline, long thick neck, a typical 3 heads across the shoulders ratio, and so on. Now of course he has been abusing female hormones, has had plastic surgery, and so on to try to look more feminine. In actuality he’s a skinny male.


I apologize for posting this, but men have been lusting after this tranny and many other secret trannies who are celebs. Note: perhaps all famous women, past and present, were actually secret trannies. I’m still investigating. I wanted to put that thought into your minds. As for the above pic, Ivanka Trump has no wide “child bearing” hips that are typical of all women. Note: women have hips as wide as their shoulders, sometimes wider. Men always have narrower hips with our shoulders being wider than our hips. Those legs and hips on Ivanka are those of a man. Let’s take a look at his childhood pics.

Ivanka Childhood Pics


hqdefault (17)

Now you tell me; is that a little boy or girl in those pics? Looks to me like a boy. Now since Ivanka is a secret tranny, then how can his dad be a Christian? He’s not or shall I say she’s not a Christian, but a devil worshipper posing as a Christian. The Illuminati owns all politicians, locally and nationally.


Dueteronomy 22:5: “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are an abomination unto the Lord thy God.” If it’s a sin for men and women to dress as the opposite gender, then it’s also a sin for men and women to live as the opposite gender. Keep in mind a family like the Trump family are all inverted, meaning whatever gender they portray, they were born the opposite gender. This includes Donald Trump. These elite families have been doing so for generations. I thank you for taking the time out and reading this post. Be sure to follow my blog for more content. I hope to get back to doing this more regularly. Remember all of this will evil end at God’s appointed time. Have a blessed day.


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