Transvestigation In Hollywood


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(Open Tranny Bruce Jenner)

Luke 8:17: “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”


I must admit I was aware of there being trannies in Hollywood, but I had not realized how big of a problem this is. I have been, for several weeks now, doing a very extensive transvestigation on many celebs and even athletes. This will be a post of many transvestigations involving popular celebs in Hollywood. I may not focus on every celeb, but this transvestigation will shed light on a dark and disturbing movement by Satan and his Illuminati to create more chaos and confusion between the genders. This movement is to increase homosexuality as well as confusion. We as men have been lusting after secret ftm’s (female to male trannies). On the other hand, women have been lusting after many secret mtf’s (male to female trannies). This must STOP! When I mean it’s a problem, this transvestigation will highlight trannies who are actors/actresses, models, athletes, media/t.v. personalities, politicians, business moguls, and even porn. Note: in the days of Shakespeare, all the roles of women were played by men. It appears not much has changed.

Differences Between Men And Women



I’m still learning the major differences between men and women. I want to quickly sum up what I’ve learned so far. Men have larger skulls than women with larger more squared jawlines with bigger mouths. Women heads are more oval shaped with a smaller jawline that’s less square. Men have deepset eyes and a more prominent eye brow ridge. When it comes to the rest of the anatomy, men have broader shoulders, longer arms, longer torsos with shorter legs, bigger feet. Men have more muscle which means it’s easier for a man to bulk up in comparison to women. Women have smaller shoulders which tend to slope more. Women have shorter torsos with longer legs. Hips on women are as wide as their shoulders if not wider with a larger pelvis. Men’s shoulders are wider than our hips which are narrow and a smaller pelvis. This is why the expression “child bearing hips” is oh so true and can only apply to women. Women have a natural curve in their lower backs while men are straight. Now I’ll show you a few examples of trannies I’m now aware of because of this transvestigation.

Megan Fox


Here we have Megan Fox, who some believe may have been killed off and replaced sometime after the first Transformers movie. Maybe it’s true or maybe not. What is true is the person who claims to be Megan Fox now is a man. From my transvestigation, I’ve learned that “he” has a male neck with an adam’s apple. It probably was shaved down a bit. He has deepset eyes with a prominent brow ridge. Note: many trannies do have brow ridge reduction surgery to try to appear more feminine. Also “he” has a square male jawline.


Now if we examine Megan in a bikini you’ll see he has narrow male hips with his shoulders being wider than the hips. He has male legs and if he was turned to the side you’d see he has a straight back. I forgot to mention men have what is called an adonis belt which is a v-shaped area which point to the below the belt area. Megan has an adonis belt. For more evidence Megan said himself he was a tranny in this clip provided by Sean Gutierrez:


Jessica Alba

Please do not continue to be fooled by celebrity women “having babies”. These are fake news stories provided by the Illuminati media to help aid in the lies of these secret devil worshipping trannies. Oftentimes these children are adopted or they hire surrogates to give birth to children which may or not be their children. By the way Mr. Alba mentioned that he was a man. Video clip by MarissYah Messenger:


Now let’s examine Jessica Alba more closely:


The pic to the left displays Mr. Alba with a male torso, hips, legs, adonis belt, and even the male shoulders and limbs. No child bearing hips here. To the right we have surgeries and hormones trying to mask the true gender of this guy, but an epic fail. He has the brow ridge, male jaw, deep set eyes, pretty much the face and skull of a guy. Check out this pic below for a male to female body comparison:


I apologize to all for the semi nudity here but I wanted to post a pic which clearly shows the difference between a man and a woman. Now if you look at the male, you’ll see a v-shape lining which points to his manhood. That is an adonis belt. Only men have this. If you see a “woman” with this, it’s not a woman, but a man. Women only have child bearing hips. Also, if you look at the woman, above her navel is the hip/waist indent. This is what gives a woman her hourglass shape. Men do have a small waist indent, but it’s below our navels. Moving on to the last example of this transvestigation.

Halle Berry


Yeah this may come as a shock to some of you, like it did to me during this transvestigation, but Halle Berry is a man. He did not give birth to any children. That too was fake news. Just look at the pic on the right with all the male features: eye brow ridge, male jawline, male face. Yes Halle has had plastic surgery as well as hormone therapy to look more feminine, but he was born a male. If you look at the pic to the left you’ll see the male shoulders, torso, and the appearance of an adonis belt. Perhaps he had a rib removed to make his waist small to give the illusion of female hips, but this is a man.


The Holy Ghost has led me on this transvestigation and I’ll be writing a book about this which will come out by my 40th birthday next year. I want to write this book because too many men are lusting after men disguised as women. Then on the other hand, there are too many women who are lusting after women disguised as men. This has been going on for centuries. What is ironic is…the leaders of the feminism movement like Gloria Steinem, are actually men. Which if you write Steinem’s last name backwards you’d get “meniest” which he’s telling us he’s a man. Yes they’ll hide their true identity in their names such as: “Daryl” Hannah, Jamie “Lee” Curtis, Jennifer “Jason” Leigh, to name a few.

They are led by the devil who wants to mock God in every way. They have convinced people it’s ok to be transgender when it’s not. They have influence certain people to become trans when it’s not. This is rebellion against the Most High God. These Illuminati transgenders are demonically possessed people. They are led by evil spirits like the spirit of confusion, homosexuality, anorexia, bulemia, and others to attack the masses. Yes they use these trannies to increase low self esteem, anorexia, and bulemia, mainly amongst women. Women can never acheive their bodies because they are MEN. They are actually envious of all of you ladies. They get all the surgeries, hormones, ribs removed, booty injections, wear make-up and can NEVER be a woman. Note: make-up was designed for trannies, but they have influenced women to wear it. You don’t need the make-up. You are beautiful the way God made you. Well this concludes this post on the transvestigation. There’ll be more coming soon. Remember God will end Satan once and for all at His appointed time. May God bless all who read this. Also, yes I’m praying for all transgenders to turn their hearts over to Christ before it’s too late.

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