Serena Williams Born Male Part 2

Serena Williams Meltdown


Serena Williams at the U.S. Open was epic and I’m sure by now everyone has seen Serena’s meltdown at the umpire. People have paid attention to it, but missed a detail which is major in the grand scheme of things. In case people are new this, Serena Williams was born a male. Yes folks Serena is a he. Matter of fact, Venus and Serena Williams were both born male. I covered that in a previous post “Serena Born A Man?” Link will be at the end of this post so please read on.

Serena Williams said something while complaining during “his” lost that is strange and helps add to the proof she is a he. What did Serena Say? Well watch the short video below for what most people missed.

As I asked in the video “Why does Serena uses the words “other men” if she is female?” My point exactly. This tennis star is another transgender athlete like his brother Venus and a few others. Yes folks accept it, Serena Williams was born male. The pregnancy was staged to continue to fool the world that he is a woman.

I thank you for viewing this post. Be sure to browse this site for more great content. You can start with part 1 to Serena being born male:

May God bless all who read this.

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