Parkland High School Shooting: Is it Real?

Parkland High School Shooting

KNXV Florida school shooting_1518649543856.jpg_77931437_ver1.0_640_480.jpg

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On Feb. 14th, there was “allegedly” a mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. There have been reported at least 17 dead and others wounded by a former student. How many shootings does that make just this year alone? The gunman supposedly used an AR 15. How many shootings have involved an AR 15? My point: I don’t believe the Parkland high school shooting actually happened. Could I be wrong? Of course, but it seems to be a hoax.


In the above pic is the “gunman” Nikolas Cruz, 19 who was a former student. What I’m wondering is what do you guys think? Did the incident happen? If you believe so, why? My thoughts is this is another “incident” to cause panic to the general public as they push for more gun control. See they keep “allowing” or causing these incidents to happen so when the Illuminati ultimate pushes for gun control, the masses for think they are doing it for safety. Nope. Do you remember the Patriot Act? Do you like the new airport regulations since 9/11? Do you feel more or less free to fly these days. My point: whether this incident happened or not, it’s a big push for stricter gun laws. The citizens will be effected the most. Keep in mind the terrorist groups, the mafia, drug cartels, street gangs, all organized crime, belong to the Illuminati. The Illuminati worship the devil. So guns will always be in the hands of those who want to kill because the Illuminati controls the gun smuggling and distribution. The gun laws will be for the law abiding citizens.


The video above I tried to upload to YouTube, but it didn’t upload, I wonder why? The sad part is to me the vid isn’t good and I was in a rush, but I used the word “hoax” and I assume that’s why YouTube didn’t allow my vid exposing the Parkland high school shooting to upload.


I wanted to say there are things to look for if this is a hoax. Look for lack of real evidence. Look for “crisis actors” and inconsistencies in witness “testimonies.” Like for example, the reports say six 6 shots were fired. I heard one witness say they heard 3 shots and another one said 5. Look for real tears and other things from witnesses the day of an attack. This was a “mass shooting.” People are not calm. If they are they are either lying or something is wrong with them. Also just because a Republican does not mean they won’t push for gun control. Keep in mind racial tensions increase dramatically with a dark skinned President (Hamite). So what better way to pass harsh gun laws than with a Republican President. Besides the Illuminati control politics and all political parties which is why people should STOP VOTING. These candidates belong to Satan. Well I think I’ve said enough for today. If you like this post, share it with others. Have a blessed day.

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