Charlottesville Car Attack Is A Hoax

Charlottesville Car Attack Is A Hoax


 (Car Superimposed)

 (Staged Scene)


People Don’t be fooled by the video. While it seems graphic, we have to do a double take. Where’s the real physical evidence? Is there evidence of a legit hit and run? If we did a double take we would see this car attack is not real. Pay attention to the video. Why is the person filming have their fingers blocking most of the view? There are also signs of crisis actors. If you pay close attention to them, they slip up and tell lies in their “eyewitness accounts”.

The Channel “Trust One News 3” made a video exposing the hoax, but YouTube removed it. However, here’s one exposing one of the crisis actors in a lie. Watch him try to cry, but can’t. Watch the video and compare his contradiction to what is being reported.

Check out a video I put together just to shed some light as to why all of this is even happening:

I thank you for watching my video. Be sure to share this blogpost with others. The truth must get out. Have a blessed day.

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