Michael Jackson Died in the ’80s?

Michael Jackson Replaced in 1984?

I was hoping the headline would grab your attention. Michael Jackson, known as the “King of Pop” had supposedly died in 2009 at the age of 50. He didn’t quite make it to his 51st birthday. At least this is the version from Hollywood or as I say the Antichrist Movement which runs the world. I grew up a fan of Mr. Jackson so I’m aware of many of his biggest hits as a solo artist as well as when he was apart of the Jackson 5. What I hope I can do with this post is to open your mind to the possibility of Michael Jackson dying in the ’80s and being replaced with a double.

First, before I start, I want to say the condition vitiligo which “they” claim Jackson had was a lie. Also he did not bleach his skin. That was another lie. I believe Michael was killed of by the Antichrist Movement in either ’84 or ’85. Then was replaced at least 2 or 3 times, if not more. The man posing as Michael who died in 2009 was a white guy. The so called black Michael was already dead. Note: I believe blacks are misidentified. Black people are really…well that’s for another post.

Here’s a pic of the original MJ:

Pic of “white” MJ:

The Real Michael Jackson Died in 1984?

Here’s a video, from my Youtube Channel, with a further look inside the death of Michael Jackson possibly in 1984. I hope you like the video:


I hope you click the like button on it. Anyways, there’s an article that someone sent me the link to on Michael Jackson, that I never heard of before. Before I mention the article I’ll say it’s from Onion News. Yes I’m aware that Onion news is considered not a legit media source because they use satire, but what media is legit? The media is owned by the Illuminati so they only give you a story. It may have some truth in it, but it’s never the full story.

For instance, the 9/11 attacks did happen, but the media has never told who was really responsible or the reasoning behind it. With that said, the article I’m mentioning now claims that the real Michael Jackson’s body was found buried on the grounds of Neverland Ranch. The body believed to have been dead for years. The article was released in 2005. For the full story:


I hope you liked my post. I appreciate you reading this. Have a blessed day!



    • Mike is alive but he is burnt and disfigured. Lookup a video on YouTube of a Larry King video with a Mike friend named Dan Dan.


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