2017 NBA All-Star Game Moved to New Orleans


I’m not surprised the NBA all-star game was moved to New Orleans because of the HB2 law in North Carolina. So now the homosexual agenda is pushing their fight over bathrooms? Think about it. Why is it sooooo important? Is this really about transgendered people or is there more to this move? The HB2 law in NC will get repealed because of money. I expect it to change by 2018. Before anyone thinks I’m unsympathetic, think again. I’m praying for all people constantly. I’m willing to encourage and witness to anyone. With that said the people who are transgendered are misguided and confused by Satan himself.  God is not the author of confusion. 1 Corinthians 14:33: “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” A person can’t truly change the way God made them. If a person could, then when they’d get a “sex change” they’d be able to reproduce instead of losing that ability. Remember we can’t hide who we are from Christ.



People in the above pic are protesting against NC’s House Bill 2. Notice the word “all” in rainbow colors. The rainbow is not symbolic of “gay pride”, a lie from Satan. He stole the concept and gave it to the Illuminati who influenced homosexuals to use it. They are mocking God. The true meaning of the rainbow is a token or a sign of the promise God made to Noah. He promised Noah that He would never again flood the earth in its entirety. Genesis 9:11-13: “(11) And I will establish my covenant with you, neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth. (12) And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: (13) I do set my bow (rainbow) in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.” Even in modern times people will see a rainbow appear in the sky. It’s a reminder from God to Noah’s descendants (the current world population) about God’s promise to Noah to never again flood the earth in its entirety. There has been flooding since, but never on a worldwide scale. Note: man can control and manipulate weather using devices like HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Many of the major earthquakes, tsunami’s, hurranes, and violent storms are caused by man, not God. The Illuminati has been manipulating weather for decades at least.

Problems Ahead

Before I mention the potential problems once this law is passed in NC & nationwide, I’ll bring up this fact: the states, like NC that are called “the bible belt” is incorrect. There are fewer “Christians than most people realize and even fewer Christians who actually live for Christ. Note: America was not founded by Christ followers, but devil worshippers disguised as Christ followers. The “god” mentioned in the Constitution is Lucifer i.e. the devil, not the true God who created heaven and earth. Or why would the slaughter of the so called Native Americans, slavery, and other heinous acts be acceptable. Note: the part about my people being 3/5 of a man is still in the Constitution without any change or removal.

With that said, the problems that lie ahead with the HB2 will be increased sexual misconduct in bathrooms. The most likely targets will be women and children. Seems like I”m jumping to conclusions, but hear me out. Haven’t women been unknowingly videotaped using the bathroom? Yes they have. When this law gets into place allowing transgendered people into whatever bathroom they desire, this will increase expotentially. Before anyone thinks I’m saying all transgendered people are sexual predators, I’m not. Some maybe or none at all, but that is besides the point. I’m pointing out sexual predators who will pose as “transgendered” to have access to women and children. Will we be paying close enough to notice? Don’t think that they won’t try this. Certain People will try anything. So while little children and women are using the restroom, they could be exposed to people who will videotape them secretly and if they are bold enough, molestation. I just want all to really think about this.

By the way, I’m thinking of transgendered people too. Think of women who live as men. They are at risk of being harassed and sexually assaulted. Why? Think about a bar or a nightclub with men who are drunk or high on some drug or alcoholic bevearge. What do you think will happen in that scenario? There will be multple women harassed and assaulted because of this. Look I’m not making excuses for the sexual predators. No one should be nor deserve to be sexaully assaulted. What I’m saying is when this Illuminati transgender bathroom law goes into effect, it will help increase sexual misconduct. I’m sure this is apart of the agenda. They worship Satan and he cares for no one. 1 Peter 5:8: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”

Just because a woman may believe she is a man, it does not mean she is physcially as strong as a man. Sometimes we have to be like defensive drivers and look out for others. If there’s no transgender restroom law, we don’t have an increase in sexual misconduct. Think about the restrooms in bars and nightclubs. They are usually not that big. So access can be shutoff easier when someone goes in. Hey in the case of someone like Big Ben, then a person can get their offensive lineman or buddies to block off the bathroom so this person can rape someone. Hey I’m laying out true possibilities here.

Just imagine children who will be videotaped and their vids being shared and sold online. Don’t think for one second the transgender restroom law will prevent pedophiles from doing this. It’ll help make it easier.

What Can We Do?

Well we can fight this thing as best as we can before it passes. We can warn people, homosexuals and transgendered people included, about the possible dangers that’ll come when this law goes into effect. Not in an angry manner although it’ll be hard not to. We can do this in an honest manner. Will they listen? Probably not, but it never hurts to try. That’s what I’m doing with this post. Once it goes into effect, we can monitor our children closely and make sure to check restrooms for possible cameras. Make sure our children, grandchildren don’t go to the bathroom alone. I mean we should do so anyway, but one this law goes into effect, we have to be more cautious ok? I have nieces and nephews I’m concerned about, not to mention, I’m concerned for all people.

All About the Money

As I stated earlier, the love of money is the root of all evil. So I expect the HB2 law to be repealed by 2018. Why? NC will want to host another NBA All-Star Game and the Illuminati NBA has made it stance. So NC will cave in for money, not for transgendered people. They will say that, but it’ll be mostly about the green. Some of you are aware and others are not. There’s a hidden homosexual agenda and it’s been going on for years. Check out my post the the gay agenda here:


You can also check out my post on pedophilia in Hollywood:


images NBA Commissioner Silver)

The NBA Commissioner is a mouthpiece for the NBA owners. So his idea to move the all-star game is the idea of the owners. He does agree with it. I suspect he is a homosexual and perhaps pedophile as are the NBA owners. What many people don’t know Hollywood, the entertainment industry, corporations, sports franchises, politicians, and so on are connected to the Illuminati. In this they do all kinds of satanic rituals including all kinds of sex rituals. This includes homosexuality. This is the agenda. So the move is to promote lawlessness.


The world appears to be going to Hell literally with the lawlessness that’s increasing. However, it’s been prophesised in the bible. Jesus will end the madness in His appointed time. Most professional athletes are gay or bisexual so they are for the homosexual movement. By the way, there are many so called Christians in the bible belt states like NC who are involved in all kinds of sexual debauchary like swinging, homosexuality, incest, beastiality, and so on. Some of these Christians I’m referring to are perhaps backslidden believers, but most are devil worshippers disguised as Christ followers. So to repeal this law is something they really want deep down inside, especially the politicians who are owned by the Antichrist Movement. It may seem trivial about a bathroom, but the devil is cunning. He never stops. He is not only using his Illuminati to push a gay agenda, but there’s also a push for entire sexual sins. There’s a quiet push for things like incest, pedophilia, and beastiality. They have been doing it for years through the entertainment industry, but it will soon get louder and louder. I thank you for reading this post. If you like it please share it. God bless!

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