Anti Illuminati Book Coming in Summer of 2016


This post is an announcement of a book I will write that I plan on releasing by the end of 2016! God is leading me to write this book. I have written books before, but not on the Illuminati yet. This will be the first from me. My book will be based on this blog. However, it will be different from my blog posts.

This book has a title, but I won’t reveal it yet. No I’m not superstitious. I don’t believe in or am I a superstitious person. I just don’t want anyone taking my title and using it for their own book. It’s amazing the first book I had intended to write was on the Antichrist Movement which I was calling it the Illuminati back in 2007. I only wrote a few pages then I shelved the idea. I’m glad I did because although I still have much to learn, my book would not have been as good.

To the followers of this blog, there will be things I mentioned here in the book, but with a twist. I will also have new conspiracy theories and facts which I haven’t covered yet. So there will be something in this book even for you to be interested in. I will include pics and bible verses and other things like I do with my blog, but it will be expanded. I will make sure the book won’t be too long. I definitely want this anti Illuminati book to be read.

Some of the topics I will cover: Who the Real Israelites are, Who the Jews really are, Illuminati Gay Agenda, Blood Sacrifice, Organized Crime, Hollywood, and some new material with plenty of jaw dropping surprises. I won’t say what they are yet, but stay tuned. I haven’t started yet, but when I do, the ideas will just keep flowing. You better believe I’ll discuss Obama. There are plenty of books on the Illuminati out there, but mine will be different.

I’ve added a Mail Chimp popup because I want to start an email list for those of you who would be interested in reading my anti illuminati book. I’ll make the Ebook version available to you for free when the book is released, provided I get honest reviews at your favorite retailer or your blog if you have one. This is why I want you to subscribe to my email list so I can keep track. I also hope to have a few giveaways for the paperback version, but that will be limited.

This book will be a game changer so stay tuned!



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