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Warning: there are a few graphic images of dead babies.


Before I start, it may seem like I’m breaking the norm, but Abortion is one of many things the Antichrist Movement love to promote. Many people reading this post will not agree. I maybe perhaps in the minority, but I wanted to speak on this matter. Abortion kills children is the truth and why I wanted to title this post that. I am speaking for the “people” who don’t have a choice in this matter: the unborn children. I wrote about this in my book “Tough Lessons from the Bible” which a link will be posted at the end of this message. People are entitled to have their own thoughts and views toward this subject. However, I’m speaking from a biblical perspective so I will show you what God’s Word has to say. Besides, people are arguing over “choice” and not one us who are alive had a “choice” in being born. That decision was in the hands of our parents.

God’s Word on Abortion

I love Jesus first and foremost. He saved me from my sins. I am far from perfect, but God showed me grace and mercy and He can do that for you too if you let Him in your heart and life. With that said, I wanted to share what the bible has to say on abortion. Proverbs 6:16-19: (16) These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: (17) A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, (18) An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, (19) A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.” I want you to focus mainly on Proverbs 6:17 and the phrase “hands that shed innocent blood”. Question: is not a baby innocent? This verse isn’t only talking about unborn babies, but anyone who is killed and is innocent. Since babies are not “guilty” of anything this definitely includes them too.

The Unborn Child has no Choice

People can debate all they want about the woman’s “right” to choose to have an abortion. God does give everyone freewill to make the right or wrong choice. However, there are consequences for making the wrong choice(s). As I stated earlier, I’m speaking for the unborn babies who have no choice. Are babies not a people? Don’t they have rights? No they don’t. A child’s life is dependent upon his/her parents, particularly the woman since she is giving birth. No one can debate whether an unborn child decides whether they are born or not because that’s decision is left out of their hands. Sometimes in life, a person’s life depends on the choice(s) made by someone else. Example, think about when a person decides to drive drunk, other people are at their mercy because of that person’s decision to drive drunk. Think about how many lives have been and continues to be lost because someone decides to get drunk then drive. I once drove drunk but thank God nothing happened. Another time I drove recklessly while speeding and sober, I unfortunately I caused an accident, no one was killed. I think about it from time to time. God spared me and the person I hit. Because of my bad decision, someone could’ve lost their life. Or how when someone decides to rob a bank or convenience store at gunpoint? See this is my point. How is abortion any different? Someone dies after an abortion. Just because it’s done in a clinic, it doesn’t make it humane. Murder is the act of ending someone’s life against their will. Doesn’t that fit with abortion? To me that’s how I view abortion, like a reckless drunk driver. It’s a decision made without care of the consequences of what happens to the child. It’s an impulse decision.

(I speak for the voiceless.)

(What about their right to live?)

(No one chooses to be aborted.)

Abortion is Unhealthy

Before I go on, people will want to remind me of victims of rape, incest, and women with health concerns. I won’t address it in this post. I did, however, address it in my book which you can read if you like. What I’m addressing is the overwhelming people who have abortions: those who discard a child like yesterday’s trash. What I mean is most people have abortions because they can. Abortions can be a health risk. What? Yes an abortion can be dangerous. Check out this link:

This link is from the Department of Health & Hospitals in Louisiana. I want to mention sometimes women who have had abortions can’t have children later on. They say that the risks are low. Some of the possible health concerns include: pelvic infection, incomplete abortion, heavy bleeding, not being able to have kids later on, and son on. This link even covers possible health concerns to women who do want to give birth. The concerns are low. The point is whether a woman gives birth or have an abortion, there’s always a potential health concern. To people who have or support abortions, you could abstain from sex until you are married. This way you don’t ever have to make any decisions about an abortion at all or anymore. I’m not being mean just a suggestion.

Planned Parenthood

People must realize that Planned Parenthood is connected to the NWO. Well any government organization. Margaret Sanger who is credited with the birth control movement, also founded Planned Parenthood. While they seem to be about healthcare, actually they are not. One of the reasons they push for abortion is to harvest the organs. Just check out this undercover video of a high level executive of Planned Parenthood Dr. Deborah Nucatola who discusses the selling of organs from a fetus.

So understand this, they convince women to pay them to kill their own children and make even more money off of their children’s body parts? Yes one of the reasons the Illuminati Planned Parenthood want prochoice is for body parts. Selling organs is profitable. Remember this: God gives everyone freewill. Satan knows this. So what better way for Satan to convince someone to kill their child, a sin, is to get them to choose so by their own freewill. Their goal is more than birth control, but population control. Hypothetically speaking: if there are a 100,000 abortions performed per year, think about the decrease in population. While they are subtle in convincing the world to support abortion by supporting Planned Parenthood, their true nature is sinister. Margaret Sanger even said “No more babies”. Check out this vid in her own words:

Or check out this interview of Sanger with Mike Wallace:

Just listen to Sanger’s ideals on population control and other things. We can debate on this whether pro choice or pro life, or when life starts, or it’s a woman’s right, or her choice, her body, or whatever. What can’t be debated is the child can’t choose life or abortion, plus they are selling baby parts and profiting off of pro choice. So how does it feel they are making money off of you? Think about it!


Before I go, I want to mention that although I don’t agree or support abortion, I don’t condone bombing abortion clinics either. I wrote about that in my book as well. It’s not a Christian or non Christian right to judge in a condemning way. Only God has that right. A Christ follower can judge righteously, or tell the truth. John 7:24: “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” The point here is just like people who attack abortion clinics are playing God, so are the people who choose to have the abortions and the people who support and perform abortions. I suggest to the people who don’t condone abortion, peaceful protests, not violence. If you believe in Christ, witness and talk to those who are considering an abortion. We can warn them and if they decide to have an abortion, pray that Christ have mercy on them as well as those who have already had an abortion. God can and will forgive them if they ask Him. There are people who have had abortions and live with extreme guilt and regret. Here’s a video of women who regretted an abortion:

There’s a more sinister side to abortion. What do they do with the dead baby? Well for starters they harvest the stem cells which I believe is sick and twisted. Harvesting baby organs? Yes they harvest the baby’s organs too! Some of this is not in my book. The Illuminati (Antichrist Movement) led by Satan, has convinced the world to perform abortions which goes against God. What I did write in my book is that abortion is derived from human sacrifice. So please check out my book for more on abortion and other controversial topics like gay marriage, the pagan history Christmas, and how God created man. Thanks for reading, God bless!

About My Book:

Although I don’t use the phrase Illuminati in my book, I do mention one world government. More importantly, my book is the kind of book which goes against the Illuminati. My book covers topics like gay marriage, abortion, Christmas, evolution to name a few. While the Antichrist Movement promotes things like gay marriage and abortion, my book speaks against it using bible scripture. Also the book was written to give Christians and non Christian alike a more honest view of Jesus Christ and the bible. The Illuminati actually has control and influence over the Christian Church. They control the Catholic Church which in turn controls all the denominations. There are not suppose to be any denominations. The churches are usually funded by the government but worse than that, churches today give a false or watered down view of Christ. While my book does not cover the bible, it does explain certain things within the bible which most pastors unfortunately won’t preach. I’d know this as I’ve grown up in the church. Yes I’m a believer of Christ. All I’m about is the truth.


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