Our Votes Don’t Count!


I wanted to start discussing this issue early before the November Elections. If any of you read my last post, I mentioned that I want to convince 1 million American voters to not vote in this year’s elections. Could my goal be lofty? Yes sure it is, but through God all things are possible. If it’s in His will, then I’ll get my desire. If not, then it just wasn’t meant to be. I will try to achieve this goal. Do our votes even matter? To all Americans: our votes don’t count. They never have. Do you remember the 2000 Presidential Election?

Votes went Missing?

I was 21 and sooooo eager to vote. It was the first time I got to vote for the President. I was only 17 in 1996. You see back in 2000, I was naïve and was unaware of the Illuminati (Antichrist Movement). I had heard the term before, but I was not ready. Anyways, I exercised what I thought was my “right” to vote and watching the returns on television. The original returns had Al Gore winning. I was excited because I had voted for the guy I wanted to win. Like I said, back then I was unaware of NWO so I was caught in the web of lies. I would’ve  voted for Bill Clinton in ’96 if I were old enough. I figured voted for Gore was the next best thing. To make a long story short, all of a sudden there was an “issue” with the “votes” in Florida. Not to mention, his brother Jeb Bush was then Governor of Florida, which added to the conspiracy. A state that had declared Gore the winner all of a sudden said that George Bush Jr. was the winner. Here are a couple of magazine covers as a reminder:

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Remember how one moment Al Gore wanted a “recount” and then out of nowhere “conceded” to his cousin Bush. Note: all Presidents past, present, and future, are all related. Anyways, I was so disappointed. Now looking back on it, it was meant for Bush to win. The Illuminati families had picked Bush but he wasn’t likeable enough to win the “popular vote”. When he didn’t win, they made sure some of our (American) votes went missing. The same thing allegedly happened with their cousin Obama in 2012.

Student Reporter Gets Tasered

In 2007, a University of Florida student reporter wanted to ask a few questions to Senator John Kerry, Bush and Obama’s cousin. Anyways, he was asking Kerry about the 2004 Election. He made the accusation that George Bush didn’t win the ’04 Election. Talk about me being stunned! I would’ve just left if at accusations but then the police procedes to go after him, tackle him to the floor, and tasered him in front of a large crowd and the media. This is on video. Take a look:

He also asked Kerry if he was in Skull & Bones. I supposed it wasn’t the right questions to ask and he got tasered for it. People can debate or not if the cops did the right thing or not. I was fascinated in what the student said. This leads me to 2008.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama hqdefault

What haven’t I said about this guy whom I never supported or voted for. Obama is an antichrist. He’s homosexual. His wife was born a man. He’s not black, but Egyptian. The list goes on. Before I go on about Obama, the people misidentified as “black” are not that. I won’t tell you here. You can read a post on that topic here:


Hint: we are not or ever been African. Obama is not from the same nation as us. That’s one of the hidden truths about Obama the NWO kept from the masses. Anyways, what I found out in 2008 that there was a “secret meeting” Obama, Hillary Clinton, McCain & Sarah Palin had with certain people with the last name Rothschild and Rockefeller. It was a Bilderberg meeting. In the meeting, they declared Obama as the new President as well as Sarah Palin being McCain’s running mate. Also, they told them how they would run and “act” during their campaign. Yes folks, Palin acting like she did on purpose. They were too look bad, so the people would “vote” for Obama. Like I said, at this meeting, Obama was declared the winner. This was before the Democratic primaries had ended. Allegedly Mrs. Clinton begged for them to reconsider, but no she couldn’t be President then. I’m assuming some deal was struck and she ended up on Obama’s Cabinet. It’s believed she’ll be “selected” President in 2016. Here’s a video of an Obama representative with reporters discussing this secret meeting with reporters, but not allowed to say what the meeting is about or who he’s meeting with.

By the way, The Bilderberg Group met in Chantilly, Virginia in 2008.

Electoral College

My whole point is Presidents are not “elected” but “selected” by the Illuminati (Antichrist Movement). The Electoral College is connected to it. So the American vote is a lie. It never counted. I assume even the local and state elections are the same even though I can’t prove it yet. They want to keep us divided by race and voting lines. To divide and conquer. Politicians are their “puppets” who say what we want to hear so we will vote. When are we going to tire of the same old rhetoric. Every election, there’s a war, cost of living is high, high gas prices and high taxes. They promise to “fix” the situation only for things to get worse. As long as we keep doing what they expect then they will keep doing what they’re doing. By the way, women and the so called blacks or whoever fought for the right to vote sadly fought over a lie. America has never been a democracy. It’s been a dictatorship disguised as a Democracy.

Don’t Vote!

If you want your voice to be heard, sometimes a person must go silent. What I mean is they want us to vote, right? Why are politicians so eager for us to vote? They do this to keep the Democracy illusion going. What I’m asking is for 1 million Americans, regardless of political party affiliation to stay home and not vote. If enough Americans don’t vote, whoever they’ve have “selected” will do some of the things he/she promised. Why? They want us to vote. So if all of a sudden a ridiculous amount of people don’t vote. That’ll be an embarrassment to the Illuminati bloodlines and they’ll scramble to try to fix it and be desperate enough to cave in to the people. Remember this you have the power to have your voice heard. We have to figure out how to go about doing what they least expect! So after reading this I’ll ask: do our votes even matter? Thanks for reading! God bless.

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