Tupac Illuminati


(Tupac Amaru Shakur changed from Leshane Parish Crooks 1971-1996)

I wasn’t going to do a post on Tupac Shakur aka 2Pac, but a comment from one of my other blog post made me reconsider. Before I delve into the truth about Tupac, I want to acknowledge I respect his talent as an artist and am a fan of his music, but not as big of a fan these days. I’m 8 years younger than 2Pac, so I’m old enough to have followed his career from start to end. Yes I remember when 2Pac was part of the Digital Underground. I have heard all of his original albums and pretty much all of his posthumous albums as well. What I’m doing by mentioning this is establishing that I’m not some person who just discovered Pac last year.

Anyways, there are things about Pac that most of the world believes is truth and it’s not. Tupac was not against the Illuminati or what I call the Antichrist Movement. The whole Killuminati has been misinterpreted. Tupac was not a gangsta. He became one when he signed his record deal. Tupac didn’t have a rap sheet until he became famous. Tupac was not a ladies man. He was homosexual, or at the very least bisexual. Tupac is dead. He did not fake his death. The money people think he may have had he didn’t. Matter of fact, he owed money to Death Row Records. He is dead. What Tupac sightings there were were probably doubles of Pac.


There are way too many people, conspiracy theorists and Pac fans who for some reason believe he was anti Illuminati. Matter of fact, it was the opposite. He actually tried to dismiss the Illuminati’s existence. Don’t believe me just like Pac tell you in his own words:

Did you view the video? Did that sound like a man who was anti Illuminati? He told you in his own words he’s trying to “kill” the whole talk about the Illuminati, hence Killuminati. I’ve heard the Makaveli album. He only mentions the term Illuminati once and it was in passing. If he was against NWO why mention it once on an album? What has happened is fans have misinterpreted the whole Killuminati term. I used to think he was anti Illuminati. Pac was signed to Death Row Records which was affiliated with Interscope. Pac never actually left Interscope. Interscope is an Illuminati record label just like any and probably all record labels. Certainly all major and majority of indie labels are owned by the Illuminati (Antichrist Movement).

Tupac not a Gangsta

Mr. Shakur did shoot a couple of cops back in ’93 in Atlanta. He did get arrested multiple times during his career. So it would appear he was gangsta. Appearances can be deceiving. He had no prior run-ins with the law until after he blew up as an artist. He was an actor, who acted like a criminal when he sold his soul to Lucifer. Check this out:

I hope you watched the vid. Tupac was an actor. The best actors are demonically possessed. So if a person wanted to act crazy, the demonic spirit(s) lead them to act crazy or gangsta or sad or whatever the “role” requires. Note: Gangsta Rap didn’t start with acts like N.W.A. but with the Antichrist Movement. They used this method for a few reasons: (1) to glorify violence and lawlessness, (2) to portray blacks in a negative light (3) to make it seem cool to act a criminal to influence people, mainly blacks into the prison system, the Illuminati makes money off the prison system and the inmates, (4) in a round about way to increase racial tension as well as continue to misidentify black people as black. Black people had a different name, language, and a national identity that most of the world don’t know. Hint: it was not African.

Tupac Gay or Bisexual

This may come to a shock to you, but Tupac was indeed homosexual, if not bisexual. He sold his act well to the masses. I’d know because I was once fooled. Glory to the Holy One of Israel (Christ) for opening my eyes about Pac. Don’t believe he’s gay? Check out these pics:

17022009067146000123486      jhene

Just look at the above pics. In case anyone is unfamiliar the female is singer Jhene Aiko who in 2015 decided to do a tribute to Tupac on his birthday by redoing some of his famous pics. Question: is Tupac gangsta in his version or effeminate? Check out some more pics:

2pac2 (Is this gangsta or homosexual?)

il_fullxfull_202758197              il_fullxfull_212098560 (Head Scarves tied like Pac)

The_Life_of_Aunt_Jemima_Booklet_1895_cover1 (1895 Ad of Aunt Jemima, a “Mammy” Character)

When I see Tupac in the head scarfs I think of the Illuminati’s plan of making men more effeminate. Just think about how many men, regardless of so called race, he influenced and still influencing today through his music, movies, and lifestyle. Tupac wore his head scarves in an effeminate way just like the two Caucasian women in the pics above. I also wanted to post about the Aunt Jemima character which is still used today to help portray stereotypes and kill the self-esteem of the so called Negro. Like I said earlier, black people are misidentified as black. We are not that. Also it helps promote racism which keep the Antichrist Movement playing all sides of the “race wars” which they started and control. This may be the first time you have read this quote from me: “Race and Racism is pointless”. It just divides. Before someone of my nation complains, here are a few pics of sistas:

laurynhillscarf (Lauryn Hill)


I’m not saying men have never worn head scarves, but Tupac, like other male rappers, athletes, celebs, wore his in an effeminate way. Women all over the world have worn head scarves. Some do it for religious reasons, some for fashion, some to protect their heads from the extreme hot or cold weather. There may be other reasons.

Anyways, back to my point on Pac being gay or bi. He used code words as all other rappers do which hint at their homosexuality or bisexuality. Note: I believe the overwhelming majority of rappers are gay or bi. What few are not, are indie but most of them are gay too. He used a particular letter “g” which we as fans assume it meant gangsta or gangster. It means gay or gay man. I did a post about it “Gay Code Words in Rap Songs!” which you can read here: https://rapsta24.wordpress.com/2015/03/14/gay-code-words-in-rap-songs/

I even explain what S.W.A.G. stands for. So check it out. By the way, check out this vid on Tupac being gay:

I don’t agree with the religious beliefs with the guy who made the vid, but excellent points are made about Tupac.

Tupac is Dead!

There are more than enough “theories” out there about Tupac still being alive. I could be wrong. However, if I am wrong and Pac is still alive it makes the case even stronger about him being Illuminati controlled. To fake one’s death, you’d have to not only have the money, but the political pull as well as the “media” which the Illuminati owns and control. When was the last time you’ve seen the Bilderberg meetings reported on CNN and other media outlets? Answer: you never have and never will. Yet somehow this anti NWO rapper fakes his death with just a few million dollars and the “media” and C.I.A. and governments around the world can’t find Pac, but a few “random” pics and vids from ordinary people have spotted him? Remember the so called “black man” is watched over like hawks by the police, F.B.I., C.I.A., etc. whether we are guilty or not. Yet somehow Tupac hatched this elaborate plan by himself or with a few friends of his. I’m not saying he wasn’t intelligent enough to do it, but like I said you would need the Illuminati’s help to pull it off.

Did you know there are theories that Hitler didn’t die in 1945? It was a double who died in his place. Hitler really died in 1985 in South America at age 96. The whole 88 code is mentioned in the film “Back to the Future” and it stands for HH (Heil Hitler) and the year 1985 is the year he died. More on Hitler in a future post. The point of bringing up Hitler is I believe his death was faked, but he had help from the Antichrist Movement. As for Pac, he actually owed Death Row money. So he didn’t have as much money as many people think. As for the theory of him faking his death and living in Cuba, not true. Why? People think Cuba has beef with the U.S. That’s a lie from the NWO’s media. Fidel Castro, who was ruling Cuba at the time Tupac died, is apart of Oddfellows, which is a fraternal group connected to freemasonry and freemasonry is connected to the Illuminati. So like I said, if Pac did fake his death, then it means he’s apart of the Illuminati. See actually saying he’s dead makes your case stronger for him not being apart of the Antichrist Movement. Long story short, Pac was a blood sacrifice for Suge Knight and perhaps the music industry itself.

If you are curious about who I believe blacks are, check out this post:



Tupac wasn’t the “gangsta rapper” the music industry portrayed him to be. He was an actor. Remember he went to the Baltimore School for the Arts where he also studied ballet, among other things. To say every guy who studies ballet would be generalizing and incorrect. However, to say all men who study ballet are straight is also incorrect. Some are gay, some are not. Mr. Shakur was one of the gay ones. Just because he called out Dr. Dre as homosexual doesn’t absolve him from being gay as well. Rappers throughout the years have done that towards each other esp. in diss songs. By the way, Pac was right about Dre. Here’s a few pics from his first rap group World Class Wrekin Cru before N.W.A.:

worldclass-500-122811       world-class-wreckin-cru-with-dr-dre-1392659055-view-01

dre-1 (Gangsta?)

In the above pics Dre appears to not be a gangster, but homosexual. A few years later he and DJ Yella left this group, changed the wardrobe and songs, added a few people and N.W.A. was born.


The point here is things are not always what they appear to be esp. when it comes to Hollywood. This includes Tupac. Tupac did sell his soul to Lucifer. I will leave you with Matthew 16:26: “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” Thanks for reading my post. Jesus is stronger than Satan. God bless.

Be sure to check out my eBook which exposes how the Illuminati uses rap music to distract & attack the masses:

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