Obama Not the 1st Colored President

According to books like, “The Five Negro Presidents,” written in 1965 by J. A. Rogers and “The Six Black Presidents by Dr. Auset BaKhufu, there are actually other presidents with part black or African ancestry. The first Black President was a man named John Hanson. He was a mulatto congressman who served as President of Congress (under the Articles of Confederation) which was a forerunner to the U.S Presidency. He served from 1781-1782, He was actually the first U.S. President. Yeah he served 8 years before George Washington took office in 1789. Well … several others served as President of Congress before Washington took office.

George Washington recommended him and Washinton’s sister-in-law was black. Other Presidents who may have black or African ancestry: 44th Pres. Bill Clinton, 34th Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower (his mom was supposedly a mulatto woman), 30th Pres. Calvin Coolidge (he actually did claim to be part native american, but the New England area he is from, alot of indians there intermarried with blacks so….), 29th Pres. Woodrow Harding (his story is the most revealing of all), 16th Pres. Abraham Lincoln (his father was supposedly a slave and also a paper ran a slander calling Lincoln…Abraham Africanus The First), Hannibal Hamlin, Lincoln’s VP (that’s right there was a black Pres and black VP in office at the same time twice the other time was when Harding was Pres and Coolidge was his VP), 7th Pres. Andrew Jackson(his father was sopposedly a slave and his darker skinned brother was sold into slavery), and 3rd Pres. Thomas Jefferson (his dad was supossedly mulatto and his mom supposedly half indian half white and the Johnny Cakes Papers referred to him as n-word). Other Historians who may have been part black, Alexander Hamilton one of U.S. founding fathers (his mom was supposedly part black),Winston Churchill, Poet Alexander Pushkin (he married into the royal families of Europe), Queen Victoria and Queen Charlotte (ancestors of the current Queen of England). Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.





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