Gay Code Words in Rap Songs!

Before I begin, I want to remind people that certain words can have multiple meanings. Like the word look means to view something or a look which means a particular way a person may dress or style their hair or face. The word book means something to read or to book a show or venue for a musician or comedian.

Now that I have set up a point of reference, let’s get into the topic. Now Hollywood, controlled by the Illuminati, which worships Satan, is all about the Anti-Christ movement. Since homosexuality goes against God, then this would be certainly apart of the agenda. Movies and t.v. shows make gay references all the time. They have been doing this for years.

Now when it comes to rap music, it’s so subtle that the masses don’t even notice. I know I used to not notice. The Holy Ghost opened my eyes. The rappers do it in a way to make homosexuality seem ok. There’s nothing ok about sinning against God. Anyways, what “code words” to look for? Well let’s go with the present word…..S.W.A.G. How often in recent years have rappers from everywhere use the word S.W.A.G. Someone may read this and say that the word is short for swagger. You are right. Remember certain words have multiple meanings. The Illuminati is known for showing you something that appears to mean one thing when it actually has a deeper, darker, and hidden meaning only known to them while the masses stay in the dark.

Like for example, the HBO channel logo stands for Home Box Office. Yet, within the logo, the B and O there’s an owl present.

images             hbo

Now you see what happens when the logo is vertical, you get an owl. Also, the O is a bulls-eye which is another satanic symbol. The owl symbolizes the owl that the Bohemian Grove worship.

bohem                          grove

The Bohemian Grove is a secret society connected to the Illuminati. They meet somewhere in the wilderness of California at least once a year surrounded by redwood trees and tight security to keep “outsiders” out. At these meetings occur homosexual and other satanic rituals. They worship a giant owl and a bull, both symbolize Satan. Former Pres. Clinton and George Bush Jr. are members. Perhaps Obama too. More on this at a later time.

Now let’s get back to the topic. Swag probably is short for swagger, but when rappers, athletes, and other celebs use it they are inferring to their homosexuality. S.W.A.G. means secretly we are gay. This term was used back in the 60’s or earlier by homosexuals within Hollywood if I’m not mistaken. When you hear a rapper like Lil Wayne or Drake or Jay-Z or whoever use the word S.W.A.G. they are talking about their homosexuality and/or bisexuality. Remember Lil Wayne did kiss Baby. I’d post it, but I’m not supporting S.W.A.G.

I only know a few gay code words. Other code words include: homeboy (gay guy who stays home like a housewife), homegirl (similar to homeboy but a female), homie, thug, B.I.G., flamboyant, fabulous, free, ride, ryder, gangbanging, raw, hard, hardcore, Boi, G, OG and the list goes on.

Note: when a person sell their soul to Lucifer aka Satan, they also give up their sexuality. So regardless of musical genre, this includes Gospel, this occurs. A wise person taught me that Gospel music is the devil’s secret weapon. So yes folks, Kirk Franklin is not God’s property, but the devil’s. This isn’t just with music. The same thing occurs with sports, business moguls, actors/actresses, pro wrestlers, etc. Anything involving huge money and the entertainment industry. My point is well over 95% of all rappers are gay and/or bi.

Yes I know you noticed I mentioned B.IG. The rapper The Notorious B.I.G. was gay. B.I.G. stood for boy is gay. He has had transsexuals in some of his videos. He’s not the only rapper. Schoolboy Q has done this too. What do you think the Q in his name stand for? Queer. Some fan of his will see this and say the Q stands for Quincy his first name. I just said earlier the Illuminati like to show one thing but it also having a hidden meaning. So yes the Q stand for Quincy and it also mean queer.

Boi is another way of saying gay, so when Big Boi of OutKast chose that name he was saying to the world he’s gay. When rapper Fat Joe had the group Terror Squad, he would say T.S. a lot. He wasn’t just saying Terror Squad he was also saying Transsexuals (TS) which is what he and they are into. G means gay or gay man (men) when rappers use it, not just gangsta (gangster). O.G. doesn’t just stand for original gangsta. It probably mean overtly gay. Thug does mean violent criminals. It also mean violent criminals who are closeted homosexuals. I assume when spelled T.H.U.G. it may mean these homosexuals are underground. Just a guess not sure. So when Tupac used to say G, or OG, or thug, he was talking about his homosexuality. Same thing with all other rappers too. Dre and Snoop’s “Ain’t Nuthin but a G Thang”. They were rapping about being gay. Go listen to that song with G meaning gay in your mind, you’ll get a different interpretation. Why else do you think there are Rappers Warren G., Kool G. Rap and Craig G.? Note: Diddy is a type of female handbag, hence the name Sean “Diddy” Combs.

I hope this helps you on your journey of learning about the Illuminati. God bless.


  1. Wasn’t Tupac Shakur an Anti-Illuminati rapper????? I agree with you, but I really think Tupac was NOT gay. He even said Dr. Dre is gay, I know Dre is gay. That’s a fact.

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    • To be honest, there are no anti-illuminati rappers. At least none with record deals, whether indie or major. Many conspiracy theorists claim 2Pac was against the Illuminati with the whole “Killuminati” album. He only mentions the Illuminati once and it was not in a negative way. He even said why he called that album “Killuminati”. He was killing all of the “talk” about the illuminati. Here check out this interview in Pac’s own words:

      Dre is gay, so are all rappers. Don’t be confused by a rapper calling out other rappers as gay or bi. It’s a smokescreen. In order to be “famous” in the entertainment industry, you will have to perform gay sex acts to get famous. This includes musicians, rappers, athletes, and so on. Didn’t 2Pac “star” in films? Here check out this vid on Pac’s homosexuality:

      Get past the tats and the yelling. The yelling was also a cover to mask his homosexuality. Just do the research. Pac was an actor. Pac was talented as an artist, but he was homosexual. I appreciate the feedback though.

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  2. […] Anyways, back to my point on Pac being gay or bi. He used code words as all other rappers do which hint at their homosexuality or bisexuality. Note: I believe the overwhelming majority of rappers are gay or bi. What few are not, are indie but most of them are gay too. He used a particular letter “g” which we as fans assume it meant gangsta or gangster. It means gay or gay man. I did a post about it “Gay Code Words in Rap Songs!” which you can read here: […]


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