Was Trayvon Martin a Blood Sacrifice?

This sounds strange, but when you are dealing with devil worshippers, it’s the norm. Child sacrifice and human sacrifice is something that still goes on in the world and even in the United States. People who are “famous” like athletes, actors, actresses, business moguls, televangelists, etc. that are involved. They do this to appease Lucifer so they can attain or maintain wealth, fame, etc. Lucifer wants this done so he can attack God. God does not like human sacrifice. Before any naysayers comment and say, “Why doesn’t God stop this?” He does have the power to do so, but he gives each human being freewill. The freewill to choose to do evil or good. However, to those that do evil, may Jesus have mercy on you because He does judge accordingly.

Back to Trayvon Martin. I had Watched this video it’s so astonishing it seemed to be hard to believe, but I believe it because it’s something the Illuminati would do. Everyone knows what was reported. Zimmerman “profiled” Trayvon Martin and killed him. According to this video…Trayvon Martin’s dad is a freemason, he has pics on facebook that verify this fact. Here are a few pics in case you don’t watch the video:





Now this version is that Tray’s dad had his son sacrificed so he could move up in the ranks of freemasonry. Whatever field he’s in, his wealth will be increased if this is true. As for Zimmerman, he too, is supposedly a freemason and he carried out the “hit” if you will and got acquitted in a courtroom filled with fellow freemasons, including his lawyer, judge, and jury. Note: freemasons are required to help fellow freemasons get off for murder. Lower degrees will dispute this because they are lied to by higher degrees. It’s either the 7th degree and above or 13 degree and above where they help fellow “brothers” get off for murder.

Back to Tray Martin, now his dad got him killed as a sacrifice by Zimmerman. Zimmerman gets off for murder, and the Illuminati use this story as a way to increase racial tension plus make Tray’s dad and family come off as sympathetic figures. Does Tray’s entire family know this? I doubt it. Just probably a few. Here’s the vid check it out…..


Also I was made aware that on Trayvon’s tombstone is the phrase “Rest my son, Job well done”. What job is Tray’s dad referring to? Is he talking about being his son? Could he referring to the blood sacrifice?

Here’s the pic:


Also Tray’s dad had appealed to lawmakers in July 2013 about naming a gun control law after his son. Here’s the article:


The Illuminati is making a strong push for gun control. They want the guns out of the hands of private citizens. They only want military, police, C.I.A., special forces, organized crime, and anyone else they control, or think they control, to carry firearms. Thanks for reading. God bless!

















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