My Thoughts On Ferguson And How The Illuminati Is Involved!

Should anyone be surprised by the decision that was made on Monday? I’m not. This is what I expected. First off, I want to say that I’m black and yes I’m against racial profiling and race discrimination period. What I’m going to say in this post will anger probably all, but me, but keep an open mind ok. I just want to point out the Illuminati is somehow involved in this. Before I go on, if anyone reading this have never heard of the Illuminati, I will explain. The Illuminati was founded officially in 1776, not a coincidence that year coincides with the Declaration of Independence. Note: some of the people on the Mayflower and the Founding Fathers were indeed secret Devil worshippers, but to the public came off as “Christians”.

Anyways, the Illuminati’s goal then, as is today, is a one world government to be run by….the Antichrist. Of course the media, and other historians, will tell people that the “Illuminati” disbanded many decades ago and no longer exist. BIG LIE! Matter of fact, I tend to call it the “Antichrist Movement” since Satan is behind this movement and this “Antichrist Movement” actually began when Lucifer aka Satan decided to rebel against God. Jesus kicked him out of heaven. Luke 10:18 “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” Satan has used men like Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander the Great, etc., civilizations like Ancient Babaylon, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, etc. to push for a one world government.

I know what does this have to do with the Ferguson Case? I’m about to connect the dots. The Illuminati or “Antichrist Movement” involves “elite families” that are bent on creating a one world government to be run by the Antichrist. Some of these families are: Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Du Ponts, Kennedy’s (yes them too), Astors, Li (Chinese family), Van Diens, Vanderbilts, Collins, Bundy’s, etc. Now they may use many last names but these are some of the base names of these bloodlines. Read “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” by: Fritz Springmeier which is an interesting book.

What do these families control? They control….nations, governments, the postal systems, banking, corporations, Wall Street, THE MEDIA, Pro and College sports, the Mafia, organized crime, Yakusa (Japanese Mafia), Triads (Chinese Mafia), Jewish Mafia, Russian Mafia, drug cartels such as the Jamaicans and Mexicans, freemasonry, eastern stars, fraternities, sororities, Hollywood & the entertainment industry (includes Gospel Music), porn, military, police, hate groups like the KKK, Black Panthers (old & new), NAACP, Civil Rights leaders past & present, terrorists (foreign & domestic), televangelists, and so on.

Question: why was it so important for the media to announce the “Ferguson Case” in prime time? Wake up people that was on purpose. One of the tactics used by the Illuminati is…division. So whether it’s War on Terrorism, War on Drugs, World Wars, Racial Wars, these Satanic people are out to “divide and conquer”. This is not about black vs white. This is about God vs. Satan. Satan is at war with Jesus and all of God’s creation…and yes this includes us human beings since God created us. Unfortunately Satan has people serving him, knowingly and unknowingly. That is sad because Satan’s fate is already sealed. Satan is to end up in the lake of fire (Hell) in God’s appointed time. Revelation 20:10: “And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone (Hell), where the beast (Antichrist) and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.”

Let’s do some hypothetical thinking here. I will do two scenarios. Scenario #1: What if Officer Wilson did use excessive force? I have been following this case, but probably not as close as most of you I’m sure. According to Wilson’s testimony and reports, Wilson said he had a confontation with Mr. Brown and Brown fought him. So Wilson shot him after Brown went for his gun. Maybe this happened or not, I’m not sure. but then Brown ran, but turned back to charge him and he (Wilson) kills him (Brown). Now if you are a believer of this Scenario, then Officer Wilson used excessive force. Now wilson said he was trained to do this. Note: the Illuminati likes to hire “racist cops” to help with racial profiling and to keep races divided. The Illuminati also like to hire cops that are freemasons & into frats & sororities which are organizations they fund and Lucifer started. It’s like mind control over the members of these groups. Another note: over 90% of freemasons, eastern stars, frats & sororities don’t know that they are apart of “satanic organizations”. They think it’s harmless. God said to be not like the world. So if Wilson says what he did was part of “his training”, then he is trained to be unfair or bias towards blacks, hispanics, and even poor whites which is what the Illuminati hates……the poor. This is also part of the Illuminati “programming” that goes on in police forces across the world. The media, entertainment, music, tv shows, etc. love to portray negative stereotypes of blacks, hispanics, and poor whites, the major targets of the police. Coincidence? No!

Still continuing with Scenario #1. Apparently there’s a witness who is dead? There’s a witness, a young black male 20 y/o who was found dead recently near where Mike Brown died. The story goes, he was intimidated to change his testimony to fit Officer Wilson’s story, so the Grand Jury wouldn’t charge him (Wilson). Here’ a link of this story you can check out here posted by CountryCrier…

Here’s another link to this story you can read here posted by Live Free or Die….

Then you have the Prosecutor who seems to have went out of his way to make sure that Officer Wilson was not charged. Those are all valid points to make for a potential cover up.

Scenario #2 what if Officer Brown was correct and it was self-defense. This is where most of you will get angry. Question: why in the world was Mike Brown shoplifting? Question: why did Mr. Brown push and shove the store clerk? Question: why did Mr. Brown fight the cop? Now I know this seems harsh and some of you will say don’t speak ill of the dead. I’m not a believer of that phrase. Whenever a person reads the bible, the bible still speaks about Cain killing his own brother Abel and King David having Uriah killed so he (David) could have Uriah’s wife Bathsheba. There are also more examples in the bible. Let’s say if I committed vehicular homicide while driving drunk and years later died. Even if I’m dead, that will be a true fact about my life right? Let’s look at Mike Brown Jr. He had a dad, mom, and stepdad. So why is he stealing? Was he born yesterday? My point is that Ferguson as well as any place in the USA is known for racial profiling. In particular Ferguson has a history of racism. So why was he stealing? Why did he push and shove the clerk? Why did he fight Officer Wilson? Was he scared? I don’t know. Sorry if people are getting angry, but I tend to speak what needs to be said, the truth. I do fell sorry for what has happened and my prayers goes out to the family of Mike Brown Jr.

Still continuing with Scenario #2. What if Officer Wilson is innocent? Ok Mr. Brown did fight with him because Wilson did have bruises to his face. Did Brown go after Wilson’s gun? If that were true a cop does have the right to shoot and kill whether we agree with it or not. Honestly, I’m trying to stay in the middle. I tend to not dwell on race because I get angry and my mind isn’t focused on where it should be…God and this Antichrist movement that Jesus opened my eyes to in 2007. Mr. Brown was a large man and that can be intimidating, to a white cop, or me. But does that give him the right to do what he did?

Perhaps, if I bring up an example about me, I won’t seem so cold right? A couple of years ago, a friend of mine, home from college, was visiting and asked to borrow money from me. I had the extra cash so I agreed. I decided to go to the ATM with one car, while he and a buddy went in another car because they were going back to school. Now as I’m getting the money and we about to say our goodbyes, a white cop out of nowhere yells “Move it along” in an angry tone. Now there was 3 of us (2 blacks one hispanic) and one of him, but we were not guilty of anything. Note: an unwritten code of racial profiling…if there are 2 or more minorities then they must be up to something. Wrong! what’s sad, if the cop would have literally waited 1 min. before saying anything, we were about to leave. So we weren’t loitering either! Now I could have gotten aggressive and approached him, but what good would that have done? I could’ve been arrested, tasered, or even killed. What for? I am thankful the Holy Spirit was there to protect us and make sure not one of us said anything to this cop, racist or not. Note: with racial profiling cops (white, black, hispanic, etc.) like to provoke people into doing something so they can use excessive force….Illuminati ploy. The Holy Ghost led me to say “We are about to leave” and even tell the cop “Haved a blessed day”! You see, that cop was not my enemy, but the demonic spirit that led him to provoke us, but God made sure nothing happened and I gave that cop “no reason” to arrest us or worse. You see, North Carolina has a history of racism just like Ferguson or anywhere USA. So why would I fuss, argue, or try to fight a cop? My point exactly.

This is off topic a bit, but I must address. Now people are all outraged by the Ferguson case. Why isn’t this outrage directed at a more immediate and deadly threat such as Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood are responsible for abortions including abortions of black babies…way more than racial profiling. This was brought to my attention recently. I urge you to read this blog post by Mrs. Whittman here….

What I will note is that after the Ferguson decision….Planned Parenthood sent out tweets offering their condolences to the Brown family? Planned Parenthood was founded by devil worshippers and is funded by the Illuminati.

Question: why is this case getting so much attention? Racial profiling goes on everywhere. Answer: the Illuminati wants to start and esculate an all-out race war so they can call out “Martial Law” which is not good for anyone regardless of race. Also don’t be surprised that Illuminati President Obama is passing some harsh laws now while the country has their eyes on Ferguson. These laws will have a negative effect on all US citizens like the Patriot Act and the new airport restrictions passed by Obama’s cousin Bush. Did you not know that all US Presidents..past, present, and future, are all related and chosen by the Illuminati. Note: Americans vote don’t matter that’s an illusion. America is a dictatorship/police state controlled by the “elite families” I mentioned earlier. All the Presidents, Prime Ministers of other countries, and the Royal families belong to the Mervogian bloodline….which is a combination of the other families I mentioned earlier like the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Vanderbilts, etc. It’s from the Mervogian line that the Illuminati believe the Antichrist will emerge…true story. Question: why has the Black President not passed any laws to help counteract the racial profiling and race discrimination going on in this country?

Back to Ferguson, don’t be surprised if throughout the news reports that there are “subliminal messages” being played that we as the masses don’t notice. It could be phrases like “riot” “loot” “violence” being played over and over so people regardless of what side you are on, will be influenced to go to war. If we as a people are divided, Satan laughs. So please people lets be united, which will piss Satan off.

Don’t be surprised that there were “subliminal messages” in False Prophet Sharpton’s speech. Oh I’m sorry, people think Al Sharpton is a man of God. No he’s not! False Prophet Sharpton’s speech was used by the Illuminati to help stir up black people and those who feel Officer Wilson was guilty of excessive force. I notice how he keep talking about the “outrage” and how he’s wanting “justice”. Nothing wrong with that, but if he’s a man of God, he would want justice, but also important he would be praying that Jesus has mercy on Officer Wilson. Why? Because that what Jesus would want. Has anyone ever heard of Stephen? This was a man who was full of the Holy Ghost and was falsely arrested by fellow Jews. He preached a wonderful sermon and then got killed for it. What makes Stephen testimony so powerful is that he asks Jesus to forgive the very same people who are stoning him to death. Read Acts 7:54-60. Love is more powerful than hate. Also Christians let’s not forget what Jesus said as he lay dying on the cross. Luke 23:34: “Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.” Jesus was talking about those who had him crucified, those who were mocking Him as He lay dying on the cross. If Officer wilson is guilty, and he does not seek Christ as Savior and repent, God will judge him accordingly, but in His time. To those that believe Wilson is guilty, he hasn’t gotten away with anything. That’s why I’m praying God has mercy on Wilson because the wrath of God I don’t want for no man.

Where was False Prophet Sharpton’s love at? If you notice his speech, his tone, he was there to be an agitator. Like I said earlier, the Illuminati controls the Civil Rights leaders. By the way, Sharpton has his own show on one of the Illuminati networks MSNBC. Note: whenever there’s a war, including racial, the Rothschilds fund both sides. Yes that includes the KKK too, who are now showing there presence in Ferguson. Facts about Sharpton….he performs same sex marriages which goes against God and His word, he worships Satan, is a 33rd degree freemason which is Illuminati which means he worships Satan. Also he’s rumored to be the son of Strom Thurmon, former Senator, racist, Illuminati bloodline, devil worshipper and 33rd degree freemason.

I have some theories about Ferguson. A theory might be that the CIA have planted some “protestors” among the real protestors to esculate the violence. Of course I can’t prove it. Another theory is that perhaps Mike Brown Jr. was a blood sacrifice for his dad and/or stepdad. That one is a bit far fetched. I am just throwing it out there. Why did Brown’s stepdad say “Burn this b**** down?” Now I’m not trying to condemn the man for saying this. However, those words didn’t help to diffuse the situation. I know folks, he said it out of anger and if that was my loved one it happened to I’m not sure how I’d react. Perhaps I would feel the same way. One thing I do know, if it did happen to me, there would be no NAACP or Civil Rights Leader or any other Illuminati funded people/organizations speaking on my behalf.

As for the KKK, if you have Civil Rights Activist, then you must have the KKK to also stir up tension, also a ploy by the Illuminati. You know where there has to be a pro vs. con, bad vs. evil, or Ying and Yang theory. In case any member of the KKK does read this, I want to shed some light about your organization. I’m sure over 90% of KKK members don’t know this or the general population, but the KKK was founded by a homosexual. True Story!


Look at that pic people! This is General Albert Pike, Confederate War General. He was a devil worshipper, 33rd degree freemason, homosexual, and connected to the Rothschilds. He also co-founded the Ku Klux Klan, KKK, with Nathan DeForest, who too was a devil worshipper. In “Morals and Dogma” a 800+ page book by Pike, in it he talks about freemasons worshipping Lucifer, aka Satan. What Does Satan like to do? Instigate and stir up trouble. Doesn’t that sound like the KKK and False Prophet Sharpton? Think about it!

Quick point: racial profiling exists everywhere so why is this case important? Read about this story from a few years ago about a man Jonathan Cuevas who was shot and killed by a cop after he ran from police. He had no weapon, and he was cited for Jaywalking.

Why wasn’t this in mainstream media? Is it because it was caught on camera showing the cop using excessive force? With this case so cut and dry there would be no outrage and no civil unrest. Also they “planted” a gun on Cuevas because his prints were not found on the gun. The family settled out of court with police in a wrongful death suit. Ferguson case isn’t quite cut and dry, so the Illuminati can use it to promote a “Racial war”.

As for the rioting, looting, and vandalism, and gunshots! Is this how we are to honor Mike Brown Jr.? Is this what the Brown family want? They already asked for “peaceful protest”. So to prove racial profiling wrong we commit Arson, vandalism, robbery, etc. like criminals? If I’m a racist cop or white supremist this doesn’t change my view of blacks and hispanics, but reinforces them. Now I know this isn’t everyone, but it’s too many. To some of the rioters who claim they are sorry, no you are not, or else you would come forth and apologize and accept any criminal charges like men. Don’t do the crime if you are unwilling to do the time. Most of the businesses that were burned and looted, were mostly owned by minorities. That’s a shame. Question: when has rioting ever worked? Remember the Watts Riots in 1965? Did that stop police brutality…hell no! Years later we have the infamous Rodney King beating which led to the L.A. Riots of 1992. Did that stop police brutality…Hell no! So why riot? Why commit vandalism? Why commit robbery? The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different outcome. If rioting hasn’t stopped police brutality, why continue to do the same “insane thing” over and over? If we want to put and end to police brutality I’m not sure what to do, but I do know that rioting and acting like “criminals” does not work or ever will work. So me the evidence when one riot it changes things…it doesn’t. RIOTING IS POINTLESS!

Now I have ideas, not sure if they will work or not. People could protest, boycott, without rioting. People could make complaints in letters to their elected officials and to their local police. I know people have been there and done that. How about one idea so radical and out there, that it just might work? What I’m talking about is exposing this publicly. What do I mean? If a cop racially profiles you, have him or them or “hidden camera” and “expose” the racism on camera. You don’t go to the media. Just post it on youtube, instagram, twitter, etc. Get’s the cops face, if not name on video. That’s worse than filing a complaint because their faces will be exposed for all the world to see. It will put the police on blast and force them to do something they don’t want to….ease up on racial profiling. Now if you are afriad of being beatdown for it, then don’t do it. I don’t want anyone risking their lives based on my radical suggestion. Hey it’s just a theory!

That’s a goal of mine though. One thing I’ve learned with the Illuminati, as devilish and evil they are, they don’t like the truth about them being “exposed”. I have a goal for 2016, to convince millions of Americans to “not vote” in the 2016 election. The Illuminati likes to keep the status quo. So voting is what they want, but if suddenly a huge number of voters don’t vote, guess what they will be forced to do? Do something like lower taxes, gas prices, end a war. Why would they do this? To con people into voting again. Just food for thought!

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