Why I Should Stop Watching The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead

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I must admit, I am guilty of many things I should not be doing. One that comes to mind is watching zombie movies/tv shows. Why? More on that in a moment. I don’t know why but I’ve had a fascination with Horror movies and in particular, the ones involving Zombies. I did watch the season premiere of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” on Sunday nite. Based on entertainment, it was a great show. Matter of fact, “The Walking Dead” is my favorite show, but should I be watching?

Well let’s examine the show more closely. It contains violence, death, dead people for starters. As a believer of Jesus, should I be watching? Biblically speaking, the show is not suited for Christians, even though I love watching it. Let’s see, you have the main character Rick, who’s an atheist and he has mocked God on more than one occasion, yet I continue to watch the show? Well the show itself does that constantly. Yes the term hypocrite comes to mind in describing myself here.

What is the overall theme of “The Walking Dead”? Well cannibalism is the main theme of this show. I mean think about it. Whether they are zombies, or walkers, or the living dead, the bottomline is that the zombie genre is people eating people which God forbids. Yet, somehow I find myself addicted to the Zombie genre as a whole. I see the devil is using the Illuminati and Hollywood to condition the general public into accepting or tolerating cannibalism. Is this the first time the Illuminati has done this??? No it’s not. They have been doing this for years with violence, homosexuality, and all other sexual perversions out there. So is it a big surprise now that there’s a big push for same sex marriage? No because the devil through tv and movies have conditioned the masses into accepting homosexuality as ok. Jesus has never condone or accepted gay marriage. Why I say this? BecauseĀ  same sex couples can’t produce children!

Sorry about getting off topic a bit, but maybe I haven’t. We as Christians have to be careful with what we watch because the devil is attacking us with lies and trying to get us Christians in rebelling against God. No person or force is stronger than God Almighty. I was disturbed by how last nite episode, they had that baby in a dangerous situation and the baby was crying. Now people will read this and say that I’m overreacting and it’s just acting. Remember this “Art imitates life, and life imitates art”. So if they are threating to kill a child on set, then I take that threat seriously. Remember this is Hollywood, where many stars have sacrificed “babies” as burnt offerings to Lucifer. Child sacrifice is also forbidden by the Holy Spirit.

People we live in a world where “living people” eat other people. Cannibalism does exists today! So the Illuminati is getting what they want with “The Walking Dead”. Why? The Walking Dead” promotes violence, rape, cannibalism, lawlessness, etc. To sum it up, this show helps in the “antichrist movement”. What better way to promote New World Order than a show like this? I have been praying to Jesus for strength to stop watching this show. I am weak when it comes to shows like these. I believe I will eventually stop watching the show.



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